Our Story

alex and stacy

A young boy started hanging out with a young girl, like most relationships, they met through friends. They would go to Rock shows and see each other all the time. This boy being like most young boys, was not wise. They tried to date, as they were friends, but the boy thought that that's all they should be. They continued to run around in the same circle of amazing friends, who were always together. They grew apart for some time, but always saw each other. As fate would have it, they could not seem to get rid of each other, even if the girl moved to a city hundreds of miles away for college, the boy seemed to somehow end up at a school down the street. Later on that boy, got a little smarter, and realized just how amazing that girl really was, and it turns out that the girl still thought that boy was kind of alright. The boy got another chance, and he knew that he would never let her go again. The rest as they say, is history.



Stacy & Alex